Fireplace Glass

Fireplace glass = tempered glass

Fireplace glass is usually just regular tempered glass. Tempered glass is used in many types of fireplace doors. Tempered glass for fireplace doors is typically heat resistant to about 400-500ºF. If you have a woodstove or a gas fireplace, you may need to look at using either Neoceram or Pyroceram instead, which are much more heat resistant. However, for a regular fireplace where the doors are a safe distance from the flame and the temperature will not exceed 400-500ºF, tempered glass is a safe and economical choice for your fireplace glass doors.

Custom Cut Fireplace Glass. Many people have difficulty locating replacement fireplace glass directly from the manufacturer of their fireplace when a door or panel breaks. Perhaps the manufacturer no longer carries the model or simply does not sell replacement fireplace glass. Because everything we do is custom made to your exact specifications, we can help you replace your fireplace glass. Using our Online Quote Guide is a simple way to provide us with all of the information we need to make your new fireplace glass doors.

Fireplace Glass Options. We will cut and temper your fireplace glass right here in our facility. This means we can cut your piece to your exact specifications and make any necessary customizations. Fireplace glass is heat treated for strength and and processed daily so it can ship quickly to you for replacement.

The most common glass used in fireplace doors is tempered glass, due to its high mechanical strength. Tempered glass is 4 to 7 times stronger than regular glass. It's 400 degree F thermal shock rating is high enough for use in glass fireplace screens and doors. recommends a clearance of at least 4 to 6 inches between glass surfaces and fireplace grates. It is also suitable for any other application that calls for added safety and strength of tempered glass.

The breakage pattern of tempered glass is very different from regular glass. Regular glass breaks into long splinters. Tempered Glass will fragment into small bits and the entire glass will fragment.

Available in thickness of 1/8 - 3/16 - 1/4 inch
Colors Clear, Bronze, and Light Gray Smoked

Tempered glass should not be used in wood, coal or pellet burning stoves/inserts.


Tempered glass is regular glass that has been heat treated to increase the strength, increase the thermal shock and prevent personal injury by changing the breakage pattern. Tempered glass is used in fireplace doors on masonry and pre-fabricated fireplaces equipped with a grate to hold the burning wood. Tempered Glass is also used in other applications where heat, mechanical strength and safety are a factor. If you have a woodstove or insert doors this glass will not work -- scroll to the bottom of the page for information on ceramic glass for woodstoves and inserts. Tempered glass can be use in gas inserts or direct vent, if the breakage pattern is small bits not large shards.

The breakage pattern of tempered glass is very different from regular glass. Regular glass breaks into long splinters. Tempered glass will fragment into small bits, and the entire glass will fragment (most of the time). Most regular fireplace doors use a tempered glass material for heat resistance.

There should be at least 4 inches between the front of the grate and the glass. Tempered glass has a thermal shock rating of 400 degrees and will break if exposed to direct contact with flame. Thermal shock rating means if the temperature raises faster than 400 degrees in a short period of time the glass can break. Most fires start slow and build, which is fine for tempered.

Available in thickness of 1/8 - 3/16 - 1/4 inch
Colors: Clear, Bronze, and Light Gray Smoked

Tempered glass is also widely used for shelves in china cabinets, glass display cases, top of fish tanks, and anywhere you need a strong, flat, clear surface to place item for viewing.

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Our fireplace glass  come in a variety of sizes and styles including: 1/4 inch glass, 1/8 inch , 3/16 inch thick. Created in a unique and exclusive three-step process, all of our fireplace glass is purposely designed to be used in gas fireplaces and certain wood fireplaces. Made from completely new and unused 1/4 inch,3/16 or 1/8 inch color-infused sheets glass, our fireplace glass made to perfection in order ready to be used in your gas fireplace or wood burning fireplace.