Grizzly Wood Stoves

   "Grizzly wood stove is an old model from a company that went out of business in the early or mid 1990s.  They had previously been manufactured by the Derco stove company.  Derco was based out of Michigan.

    Grizzlies were made in both freestanding and insert models.   They had a good reputation for quality so it’s a shame that they went out of business like they did.  I’ve heard of many boxes from the 70s still going strong.  The Blazer insert model in particular was a workhorse.  I’ve heard of people heating up past 3000 sq. ft.  easily.  You can tell you have a Grizzly by the bear logo imprinted on the doors. 

    One common issue with the insert was the damper rod becoming detached from the damper plate.  This can be caused by overheating the unit.  Welding it is a possible solution but you’re dealing with solid iron so its definitely not easy.  You may need to bend the rod to fit it properly."

Grizzly Wood Stove Glass Sizes and Patterns

7G913 ND - Rectangle. Size 13 x 9 Part # 7G913ND


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