Cracked stove glass

cracked wood stove glass

Replacing Cracked Stove Glass

   Replacing your cracked stove glass and/or fireplace glass can be a bit tricky. In this article you'll learn some helpful hints and tricks to easily and quickly change your cracked glass and get back to burning.


    Before you start to touch your woodstove, make sure that the glass and stove are not hot, and make sure you can open the door and access the back side of the glass. Before you try and remove the glass you might try putting some tape over the cracks. This can keep the glass in one piece and make it easier to remove.


    Once you're ready to remove the glass, look at the inside of your door. On the door you should see little strips of metal that are screwed into the door that keeps the glass held in. You will want to unscrew them while having a hand on the glass to prevent it from falling out. If you need to order a new piece of glass, click here.

If these screws are stuck, here's a few tips to get them out:

- Try heating them up. If you have a small propane torch, try holding it to the screws. The heat may help the threads get unstuck.

- Try WD40. A little bit of lubrication and the anti-rust properties of WD40 might also help the screws get loose. We aware that if you try this method WD40 is extremely flammable, so proceed with caution.

- Use a pair of pliers. If you can, the added leverage and grip of a set of pliers or vice grips may give you the leverage you need to ease the screws out.

Once the screws and pieces of metal, called clips, are removed the cracked glass should easily come out. The broken glass may be sharp, so be sure to take caution.

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