Energy King Glass

We sell Energy King Replacement Glass for your wood stove.

Energy King Replacement Glass by model

2800 Silhouette - Arch pattern on top. Size 20 1/2 x 14 9/16
Legacy -
Rectangle. Size 13 x 9

Energy king stoves use pyroceramic glass.  This glass can handle up to 1388 degrees F.  If you have a stove glass other than what is listed above, please just call us to help you research and find it!  Our glass comes in big "sheets" and we custom cut it every day.  Plus once we confirm the size, we will add it to our site.

If the glass has a shape e.g.(arch top) and we do not have it, then it is best to mail us a pattern.  Most Folks put tape on the break to hold it together and then just remove the glass.  Trace the pattern onto a piece of paper and then mail the pattern to us.  It helps if you write your contact information on the pattern as well.  This way we will not get your order mixed up with someone elses.

  Then once we receive the pattern we will contact you with the exact price and get your payment information.

About Energy King Stoves

For 35 years, ENERGY KING heating appliances have provided homeowners with energy independence by offering high-quality, long-lasting home heating options, including wood furnaces and coal furnaces for central heating; and wood stoves, fireplace inserts, and zero clearance fireplaces for supplemental or zone heating.

   In response to the energy crisis of the 1970's, Bob Meurer founded Chippewa Welding in 1975 and began building the ENERGY KING brand with just a few wood stove models. By taking advantage of a renewable fuel source which is inexpensive and locally produced, Bob saw that he could save homeowners money by offering them a product that would change the way they heat their homes.

   35 years later, they/ve changed their name – they're now known as RJM Manufacturing, Inc. – but ENERGY KING wood stoves are still American made with the same craftsmanship and pride, and their new 70,000 sq. ft. factory is still located in Chippewa Falls, WI. The ENERGY KING product line has expanded over the years to include wood stoves, wood furnaces, coal furnaces, and wood burning fireplace inserts and zero clearance fireplaces.




Energy King Models

365 EK (need pattern)

385 EK (need pattern)

480 EK (need pattern)

Sillhouette 2800 (we have pattern)

Sillhouette 2850C (need pattern)

Bay 2000C (need pattern)

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