FAQ about wood stove glass, fireplace glass, neoceram, pyroceram, and tempered glass


What if I'm not sure which glass is best for me or my application? Just contact us! We'll help
What is a seamed edge?   The glass edge is sanded so it is not sharp.
What if my piece of glass is not a square or rectangle and needs to be cut to a pattern? See our list of pattered glass by brand and model
Do you have Neoceram, Pyroceram or Robax in any other tints?  These all have a slight amber tint.
What if I do not see my type of glass listed?  Please contact us.
Do you sell any installation or gasketing materials?  Yes, the glass gasket.
What is your cutting tolerance? Within a 1/16" of an inch
What are your quality standards? Only the best.
Can you drill holes or notches in the glass? Yes it can be drilled, but we do not offer this service.
Can you do pieces larger than 38" x 36"?  Yes, the sheets come 44" x 82" but shipping can be an issue.  Contact us for bigger sizes.

Prices / Ordering

What if I prefer to place an order over the phone? Just give us a call. 217-242-2524
Can I cancel or change my order?  Yes, but you'd better hurry.  We process your order quickly!
What if I did not receive my orders shipping email confirmation? The system should send you an email but if not - just contact us and we will look into it.

Why are your prices so much lower than your competition?  Because we can!


What payment methods do you accept? Most major credit cards, check and yes still cash!
Will there be sales tax on my order?  Not if ordered out side of Illinois.
Can I pay with a check or money order online? Nope, sorry.
Do you ship C.O.D.? No we do not.


When will my order ship? Will my order ship the same day?  Most orders go out the same or next day.
How is the glass packed so that it does not arrive broken?  Wrapped in foam.
Do you ship to P.O. Boxes? Do you ship to APO/AP addresses?  Yes we do.
Do you ship to Alaska or Hawaii?  Yes, by USPO.
Will you ship to a different address or drop ship to my customer?  Yes we will.
How can I track my shipment?  Your tracking information will be emailed to you when your order is processed.

Warranty & Return Policy

What about your return policy? 
Is there a warranty on my glass product?

We will always work with you to resolve any issues.

International Orders

Do you ship to Canada? Internationally?   Currently Domestic U.S. and Canada Only. 

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