Gibralter wood stove

Gibralter Glass and their sizes

Gibralter Arch Top - Arch top pattern. Size 14 3/8 x 9 7/8 with a notch.


Gibralter Rectangle - Rectangle. Size 18 x 8

Gibraltar stoves and insets were heavy duty wood burners.   Manufacturing began in the 1980's, .  These units were designed like the Glacier Bay Stove brand.  Gibraltar stove is no longer in business.    We carry the Gibraltar stove glass and glass gasket.    Be sure to contact our experts at 217-242-2524, we would be glad to help!

Most wood stoves have a metal plate on the back of them (about the size of a business card).   This will have the manufactures information.  If you have the stove brand and model number/name, it helps us identify the correct glass.