Kent TileFire Stoves

   Kent TileFire produced stoves until the mid/late 1980's. They are said to have created the predecessor od all modern EPA wood stoves. Currently out of business, some parts are still available.

   We only have on size on hand for Kent TileFire. If you need a different piece of glass for your stove, contact us. We will need a size. If your piece of glass has a pattern to it

Kent TileFire Glass

Kent TileFire Glass - Size 12 9/16 x 8 15/16 Part # 20-16-157 is located at 631 Vermont St, Quincy IL. 62301 · Contact us at or by calling (217) 223-0999 · Specializing in custom pieces of PyroCeram® Ceramic Glass. Copyright ©2020 All rights reserved