Northland Wood Stoves

   Noonan's Welding and Heating has been manufacturing the Northland Outdoor Wood Furnace since 1991. Their goal since then is to build a outdoor wood furnace that is dependable, efficient, and affordable. The Northland Outdoor Wood Furnace incorporates all these advantages and more.

   The furnaces are not mass-produced. They our custom built by a small workforce of highly skilled individuals. This means more time spent on quality control and less furnaces being built between improvements and updates which results in a higher quality furnace which they feel gives their furnaces an advantage over other mass-produced outdoor wood furnaces. Every furnace that leaves their factory is thoroughly checked and tested to ensure the highest standard of quality control is maintained. Every Northland Outdoor Wood Furnace comes with a ten-year limited warranty.

   If you have a Northland stove, we will need the dimensions of the glass. is located at 600 Jersey St, Quincy IL. 62301 · Contact us at or by calling (217)242-2524 · Specializing in custom pieces of PyroCeram® Ceramic Glass. Copyright ©2019 All rights reserved