Pyroceram Glass, Neoceram Glass, fireplace glass, woodstove glass, The Pros and Cons.

The good and the bad about your fireplace options

     Pyroceram Glass, Neoceram Glass, fireplace glass, woodstove glass, The Pros and Cons.

     There are many considerations when purchasing a fireplace or woodstove. You may be most concerned with the "feel" of your wood stove, or the ambience provided by a fireplace. You may be more concerned with the self-sufficiency that is provided by a particular fuel and whether or not you can continue to heat your home with the fuel stored on hand or in the event of an electrical outage.

     All of these things will play a role in your purchase, but here is a simplified listing of many of the relevant advantages and disadvantages of each fuel and fireplace or stove type .

Pros..........Wood burning

•Aesthetics of a "real" fire - smell, crackling sound, dancing flames

• Exercise of chopping wood and physically building a fire

• Firewood is readily available in many areas

• Can be used as supplemental heat source

• Self-sufficiency in a disaster scenario

• One of the most economical fuels

• Renewable, environmentally friendly fuel

Cons............Wood Burning

•Cleaning the fireplace; emptying and hauling ashes

• Requires a chimney/flue for ventilation

• Inexpert use may cause odors and smoke

• Fire is less autonomous than other options

• No "on/off" switch

• Less uniform heat output than other options

• Wood storage can take significant space

• Bad install can result in dirty, ashen smoke emitted from chimney

Gas fireplaces......Pros

•Cleaner burning than a wood fireplace

• Easier to start a fire than a wood fireplace - simply flip a switch

• Flexible installation options

• More uniform heat output

• More easily controlled flame height

• Can be used as a supplemental heat source

• Reduced requirement for human interaction with fire

Gas fireplace..........Cons

•Doesn't have the same ambience (smell, sound) of wood fireplace

• Reduced requirement for human interaction with fire

• May be unusable in long power outage

• Fossil fuels are not environmentally friendly

Corn of Pellet Stoves......Pros


• Extended burn times

• Easy to store

• Pellets and corn are readily available

• Usually the most economical where pellets or corn are available

• Fuel is renewable, environmentally friendly, domestically grown

Corn or Pellet Stoves.....Cons

•Usually more expensive than wood stoves or fireplaces

• Usually require electricity to operate

• Can require more service and maintenance than other fireplaces

Electric ......Pros

•Easiest fireplace to install - just plug it in • Portable

• Very convenient

• Can be used in any room of the home

• Ideal for apartments, condominiums, hotels, etc

Electric .........Cons

•Low ambience and aesthetics; not realistic looking

• Low heat output

• Very expensive heat

• Dependent on electrical grid

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