My Review of Site Build it! and how it has changed my business!

My Review of Solo Build It is more of an adventure than a review..........

My adventure with web sites started about 10 years ago......

    You see I had ideas on "selling" online, but that was it.  I really didn't know how to go about it.   So I did what any entrepreneur would do, I asked around town and had a nice young start up computer guy build me a site.

     Well, that didn't go so great.  He built me a site... but, it was (looking back now) a joke.   I spent several thousand dollars with him.   At $105.00 an hour, it added up quickly.   The idea I thought was solid, but the site just never got any traction.   And that business died a slow, expensive death.  

    But out of that experience I realized that this was something that I could accomplish on my own.  After being burned the first time, i vowed that would never happen again.  That began my research into self website publishing.  

    Now I'm a visual person - yes, I won't read a book if there is a movie out.  So I began researching on you tube.  I really wanted to see how these web building courses worked, not just read about it in some online review.  So I just started watching all sorts of videos.  Thats when I ran across Lisa @ 2 create a web site!

Lisa's videos were awesome!   She would show not just how, but why you do the things you do to get you site up, running and WORKING!   They are short, to the point videos, outlining the steps involved in building a site from the ground up.   The program she used to do all of this was Site-build-it.  

At first I wasn't to sure about it.  The links from Lisa's videos were affiliate link... meaning she was getting paid for every sale made through her link connection, but after I saw all the views of her videos, and the insights to the site-build-it program I was sold.  So I took the plunge!  I'm glad i did.  

Lisa's videos were great, but they just scratched the surface of what was available through site-build-it.   Site-build-it had leaning videos too!!   It was more of a course than just a plug and play web site builder.   What I mean is, that the program has step by step instructions on what to do, and more importantly, WHY!   See I'm not that great at retaining information if i cannot see the purpose behind it.  And that's what I Love about Site-build-it.  

There is a handbook, videos, forums, blogs, bla bla bla... it can be overwhelming.  But Site-Build-It breaks it down by Days.   Its great!  Day 1, do this, and that's it.   Day 2 do this, Day 3 and so on.   it keeps you from jumping ahead and not learning it.  And learning it you must... Producing a web site is a whirlwind... and to be successful you need to know what you are doing.

Long story short, I think Site-Build-It is great.  It has many things to offer, many more than i take advantage of.

     They work hard on it.  It has changed a lot from when i first started.  And don't get me wrong, its hard work on your part too.   But anything that is going to be success, is work.  

So if you have stumbled across this review, be sure it is real... I do not receive anything from this (no buy now link)

I just want to help out those who have helped me out.  

Good luck, 

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