Selecting wood stove glass can be confusing.
We are here to help.

What Glass should I use for my wood stove?

Selecting wood stove glass can be confusing, but hopefully we can clear that up.

Basically there are there different types, or brands, of wood stove glass.  They are all made in a similar way.  They are called a ceramic glass product.  Pyro-ceramic, Neo-ceramic and robax glass. 

All three of these glass ceramic brands would be fine for wood stove glass.  They all have a similar look (slightly amber tint) in a transparent glass ceramic.  They all also have other similar qualities. 

Selecting wood stove glass in a nutshell.

Although all of these products are fine for wood stove glass, we lean more towards the pyroceramic glass product.  We just feel that using a USA based company is better for everyone.  

Because many of the companies that we deal with are "married" to certain brands, we carry all three brands in stock.  But if you do not request a particular brand, we are going to use the pyroceram glass.

We provide our ceramic glass products to many glass shops, fireplace stores and manufactures across the country.  Our feedback has been great!  Supplying glass one at a time, or by the hundreds, we can meet your requirements. 

These products hold up to the test of time.  Rated for up to 1400 degree, they can take the heat!  Average life span is about 10-15 years depending on usage.  That's a lot of abuse.  Ceramic stove glass is an intricate part of your wood stove.  Treat it well and it will last for years to come.  See our glass cleaning, installation and care pages for more information. 

Ceramic glass

The generic name for the three brands of wood stove glass.  Suppliers with glass that can handle temps up to 1400 degrees.


Made by Corning USA(Eurokera) Pyroceram is our most popular seller.  available in both 3/16" and 1/8" thick glass. 


Made by Saint Goblin.

France (Keralite)

Popular with many stove manufacturers.


Made by Schott

Germany (Firelite)

Popular with many European stove makers.

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