Valor Fireplaces and Stoves

The Valor brand began in 1890 by a company in Birmingham, England. The company originally began by selling oil-storage cabinets. When this business grew, the company began producing kerosene heaters. In 1989, the company began producing natural gas fireplaces. Valor is now part of the Baxi Group, a company with annual sales of over $2 billion that is involved in the heating industry.


The exclusive distributor for Valor products in the US and Canada is a company called Miles Fireplaces. This company has been selling Valor products in Canada since 1984. The company recently opened a manufacturing plant for Valor in Canada that produces several models of the company's fireplaces.

Product Line

Valor markets a variety of fireplaces and fireplace inserts for the US market. The company offers several gas fireplace models and a few fireplace inserts. Valor also markets one electric fireplace model and has a design of a freestanding stove. Many of the Valor fireplaces feature decorative cast iron frames. Others feature several different mantle options. The company's products are listed below:

Gas Fireplaces

  • Ventana Series
  • Portair Series
  • Horizon Series

Gas Fireplace Inserts

  • Legend G3 Insert
  • Adorn Coal Insert
  • Valor Retrofire
Electric Fireplaces
  • Valor Dimension Electric
  • Valor Electric
Freestanding Stoves
  • Madrona M1 Freestanding Stove: offers a cast iron body, sleek design, and advanced controls.

Dealer Network

The company age, experience, and the quality of its products ensure that Valor has a god dealer network. In major cities in the US, there will be multiple dealers. In smaller cities, there will usually be a dealer or two. The only place where it may be difficult to find coverage is in more sparesely populated areas.


The company warrants its products against major defects. However, the company specifically designates the type of defect that it warrants against. For exterior steel casing, cast iron parts, glass, the firebox, and the heat exchanger, the company offers a warranty of 10 years for either structural defects or corrosion. This depends on the piece. The company also offers a 2 year warranty on all parts and labor for its fireplace products. There are several exclusions and conditions of the warranty that may make it more difficult to get a repair under warranty.

Contact Information:

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