Wood Stove Glass Replacement

Wood stove glass and fireplace glass is all we do!

What kind of glass should I use for a wood stove?

Looking to replace your wood stove glass, because its cracked, shattered or just to hard to clean.  Contact us here at Woodstove-Fireplaceglass.com, We are the experts in wood stove and fireplace glass.  

We know all about wood stoves, gasket materials and of course the wood stove glass.

Did you know that there are more than a thousand brands and models of wood stoves in north American alone?  And we have produced glass for most of all them.  Weather you have an Avalon, Lopi, Vermont casting, Buck, or even one that was made in Billy-Bobs garage, we can make the wood stove glass for it.    Most of the more popular stove glass is already boxed up and ready to go!

Don't know the make and model of your stove...  No problem.  We can help you try to determine that, and if not, we can still make you the glass for it.  We just need the size or the pattern.

We carry all three brands of ceramic glass.  Pyro-ceramic, Neo-Ceramic and Robax glass.

  The glass for your wood stove can come in many shapes and sizes. At woodstove-fireplaceglass we custom cut the glass to your requirements. Our best-selling glass is the pyroceramic glass. This glass will handle the heat! The temperature in the stove can reach as high as 1300 degrees.  This glass is rated for up to 1388 degrees.

  We always have the glass on hand, and we custom cut arch tops and patterns at no additional charge. Give us a call today, 217-223-0999 Or send us an email at info@woodstove-fireplaceglass.com

wood stove glass
tape gasket

Arch top glass and our tape gasket.

We carry Wood Stove Glass for all major brands of wood burning stoves.  See our Brands tab.
Our glass comes in 3/16 (standard) thickness and a thinner 1/8 glass.   We have many of the more popular sizes and templates in stock.  You can call in any glass size to order or mail us a template of any pattern that we do not have. Contact info.

Ceramic fireplace glass is a transparent low-expansion glass-ceramic with a number of outstanding features that include high resistance to thermal shock, high mechanical strength, and excellent electrical characteristics.

With an almost zero thermal expansion coefficient, the applications for ceramic fireplace glass continue to grow. Trusted for over 30 years, Pyroceramic glass now features a smoother, texture-free surface with less visible color. This next generation of ceramic fireplace glass was developed specifically to address the larger glass areas that are becoming more common in contemporary hearth designs.

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