Wood Stove Glass Gasket

We sell the Wood Stove Glass Gasket for our ceramic glass products.  It is sold by the running foot. 

Flat tape Gasket

Our Wood Stove Glass Gasket Product Details:

This is made to Replace worn or burnt-out gaskets on air-tight wood stoves, heating appliances, furnaces and fireplace inserts. Woodstove-fireplaceglass's gasket is manufactured from textured fiberglass for high temperature sealing qualities. Black graphite impregnated fiberglass resists sticking and creosote build-up. Both soft and flexible, Woodstove-fireplaceglass's Flat Tape Gasket can be used in almost any gasket application. Special manufacturing makes it easy to handle in applications where it needs to be cut or fabricated. The seal lasts longer and efficiency is increased. This Flat Tape Gasket has a greater abrasion resistance than untreated fiberglass gasket. Purchased by the running foot, this gasket material is supplied for the average air-tight stove. The Gasket measures 1/2" wide and about an 1/8"inch thick. No need for Stove gasket cement to adhere gasketing to the glass.  Our Wood Stove Glass Gasket is sticky to one side. 

Our self-adhesive tape gasket makes installation easy and simple. 

wood stove glass gasket

This gasket works on 90% of the wood stoves and fireplaces out there.  It is made to "Fold" around the edge of the glass so that the gasket is adhered to both sides of the glass.  This protects the glass from touching any metal on the stove.   That will help you receive a longer life out of the ceramic wood stove glass.

When installing the glass, make sure to take great care.  The biggest mistake made in installation is installing the glass to tightly!  The glass need room for the stove's expansion any contractions.

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