All Nighter

All Nighter is a brand that produces a range of wood stoves. Here is some general information on All Nighter and their wood stoves:

  • All Nighter is a brand that has been producing wood stoves for over 40 years. The company is known for its innovative and durable designs, and many of its stoves are still in use today.
  • All Nighter wood stoves are designed to be efficient and produce low emissions, with many models meeting or exceeding EPA certification standards for emissions.
  • Many All Nighter wood stoves feature a classic, cast-iron design, which can provide a traditional, rustic look.
  • All Nighter wood stoves are designed to be easy to use and maintain, with simple controls and durable construction.
  • In addition to their wood stoves, All Nighter also produces coal stoves and fireplace inserts, as well as replacement parts for their stoves.
  • All Nighter offers a limited warranty on many of their wood stoves, providing customers with added peace of mind and protection.

Overall, All Nighter is a brand that has a long history of producing durable and efficient wood stoves with a classic design. If you are considering an All Nighter wood stove, it is important to research the different models and features available to find the one that best suits your needs and budget. It is also recommended to work with a qualified installer to ensure proper installation and safe use of your wood stove.