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What is Mica Glass?

Mica is a transparent mineral used in older, antique wood and coal stoves. It has the appearance of clear plastic like plexi-glass or a heavy cellophane. Mica glass is also refired to as Isinglass.   It is Very thin yet durable.  It can withstand temperatures of about 1800 degrees F. Because it is a naturally occurring mineral, several smaller pieces are cheaper to produce and cost less than one larger piece. 

Woodstove-fireplaceglass.com now sells Isinglass – Mica in various sizes. 


What type of glass can I use for my Antique wood or coal stove?

Many of the older “pot belly” stoves have a small vision window for checking on the fire.  Mica or Isinglass was used in these openings.  Mica is so thin that it is flexible.  So, it is perfect to conform to the round body found in these older antique stoves. 

Mica can easily be cut with scissors, a razor blade or paper cutter.  We like to use an Exacto knife or razor blade.  We feel you get a cleaner cut using one of these. 

What is Mica Glass for Wood Stoves?

Mica stove glass is transparent, thin slices of mica stone, generally 0.003 to 0.005 inches thick, that can endure temperatures as high as 1800° F (982° C). Yet it can easily be cut to size with scissors, a paper cutter, or an Exacto knife.

Mica has excellent electrical, physical, mechanical properties and good thermal strength. It is transparent, has good optical properties, is flat, and virtually unbreakable. All these properties make mica is a material ideal for use as a window in wood and coal stoves.

Making its first appearance in wood stoves during the 1700s, mica glass panels were used in lanterns, stoves, furnaces, and boiler peepholes. With a clear to bronze tint, mica glass sheets look remarkably similar in appearance to translucid plastic. They are made by carefully stripping away paper-thin layers of mica away from the main, quartz-like stone.

How do you Clean Mica Glass?

Using a soapy non-abrasive cleaner, drip a couple drops on to a clean soft cloth.  Add a little bit of water and gently rub on the glass in a circular motion.  Rinse off with water. Dry the glass with a 3rd clean cloth so as to not leave any residue behind.

What Mica Glass Sizes Do We Carry?

Here at woodstove-fireplaceglass.com, we offer individuals sheets of mica glass, ranging in size from 3” x 3” inches to 10” x 10” inches. For larger areas, multiple panels of mica glass will need to be pieced together.

Stock Stove Mica Glass sheet sizes 3 x3, 4 x 6, 3 x 6, 5 x 6, 5 x 7, 6 x 8 and 10 x 10.

We can order sizes up to 12" x 12".  



How do I install Mica Glass?

After checking that the glass fits to the intended frame, making any needed size adjustments by trimming it with a pair of scissors or a razor blade.  Clamp the glass in the frame. A Fire rated furnace cement can be used to secure it.

Where can I Get Mica Glass?

We supply a wide range of mica sizes. 


Is there anything else to keep in mind when ordering Mica glass?

Yes, Mica Glass expands slightly when heated. So please order or cut the mica glass to size so that it is a ⅛ inch smaller than the intended frame to allow for this thermal expansion.

Mounting hardware, such as brackets and metal screws, also expand under heat. Over-tightening hardware can cause the glass to break when the stove is in use.  We recommend installing the screws “finger tight”.

Clear Mica Sheet (Mica stove plate) is widely used as window mica in Kerosene stove, Wood stoves, Furnace peep-holes, coal stoves, electrical insulators and in microwave ovens. Mica Sheets can be cut to all sorts of shapes and sizes.