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The Elm wood stoves by Vermont Iron Stove Works,
formerly of Warren, Vermont and Waterbury, Vermont

The first Elms were made in the Bobbin Mill in Warren, Vermont in the mid 70's when the price of home heating fuels had begun to get dramatically more expensive. Many people felt that burning wood was a way they could take advantage of the wood that grew on their property and save money in the process.

Through the years from 1976 to about 1988 the Elm was produced in both catalytic and non-catalytic models in three basic sizes, being 18", 24" and 36" log capacities. As wood stove manufacturers we were subject to a series of strict testing procedures. Both safety and efficiency were tested. In the end it was probably the cost of the testing that finally caused the company owners to decide to end production. It was costly to keep re-engineering and retesting the stoves to pass those standards. As a result the company does not exist, and original equipment replacement parts and procedures are hard to come by.