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  1. Fuego Fireplace Model D Glass

    10 1/2" x 14 3/8"
    Part # Fuego Fireplace D
  2. Fuego Fireplace Model C Glass

    14 3/8" x 13"
    Part # Fuego Fireplace C
  3. Fuego Fireplace Model B Glass

    11 1/2" x 18 3/8"
    Part # Fuego Fireplace B
  4. Fuego Fireplace Model A Glass

    15 1/2" x 18 3/8"
    Part # Fuego Fireplace A
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At WoodStove-Fireplaceglass.com we only carry the Fuego Flame Glass.  We do not carry any other parts for their Fireplaces.  We are not associated with the company in any way other than carrying the Fireplace Glass. 

This Fuego Flame Glass is a pyroceramic glass.  Able to withstand temperatures of up to 1388 degrees. We always recommend you measure your glass to make sure that the Glass is correct for you.


Fuego Flame, also called Flint Cliffs Manufacturing, is the maker of the Fuego brand of fireplaces and is based in Burlington, Iowa. Fuego markets a line of dual-use (gas and wood) fireplaces and accessories. The company is not a large company and does not have as extensive factories or production as many of the big fireplace manufacturers. However, the company has developed a couple of key, innovative products that are sold at dealers nationwide.

They offer some of the most fuel-efficient and highest heat-producing fireplaces available today! The adjustable damper and overall design promote exceptionally controlled airflow, eliminating the need for blowers. These products are hand-welded and made from 12-gauge steel for sturdiness and durability. Fuego Flame offers inserts, zero-clearance, and see-through style fireplaces that have large viewing windows and substantial heat output.

Fuego Flame Brand

Fuego, means fire in Spanish and has a nice ring to it for a fireplace brand. Perhaps appropriately, the company's brand is denoted by a burning flame. The company focuses on a few main products and prides itself on the fuel efficiency and heat production capability of its products.

Product Line

All of the Fuego fireplaces are dual-use. This means that they can be converted to use either gas or to use wood as the predominant fuel type. In addition, the company also makes a range of fireplace accessories and doors to complement its fireplaces. The company's fireplaces are broken down into three types of products and these types are listed in the sections below.

Zero Clearance

Fuego's zero clearance fireplace offers the benefits of an efficient fireplace. It can be installed without taking up a lot of space and can also be converted to either gas or wood-burning. The fireplace is vented through the top and returns hot air into the home through the area above the firebox.


See Through

Fuego's see-through or two-sided fireplace provides a unique option for a home. While also dual-use and efficient, you can enjoy the fireplace from two areas of the home and it contains a pretty wide opening to view the fire and area behind it. It also has a patented airflow system.



Fuego's fireplace inserts are designed to adapt an existing fireplace and give the old area new life. Fuego's inserts are also dual-use and are touted by the company as extremely efficient.