Malm Fireplaces

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Malm Fireplaces is probably the most common brand in the mid-century style of wood burning fireplace.  These fireplaces came in many styles and colors and have the ultimate reto-60’s style. 

Many of the Malm fireplace models had glass curtains in them.  Sometimes the glass was a tempered glass product and sometimes then had a ceramic glass installed.  Know the difference before you change out your glass. 

The Malm Carousel and Spin-a-Fire were their two most popular units with glass inserts in them. 

There was anywhere for 7-11 glass panes in each unit.


* These units Had either Ceramic or Tempered glass in them.  You should order the correct glass for your unit.  It is confusing Because there is no real way to tell other than in how the glass looks when it is broken.    Ceramic glass looks like regular glass when it breaks - in chunks, or just cracks.  Tempered glass shatters into thousands of pieces.   Ceramic glass can handle higher temperatures, up to about 1400 degrees F.  Tempered glass can handle up to about 400-500 degrees F. 

Malm Fireplaces can use tempered or ceramic glass.