Woodstock Soapstone

If you do not see your model, please call 217-223-0999 to check for availability!

Woodstock Soapstone is a new stove company and their only seems to be a few out their. If you have a Woodstock soapstone woodstove or fireplace and need glass for it, contact us. We can custom cut a piece of glass to any size or shape you need.

Woodstock Soapstone Models

Absolute Steel Hybrid - call for availability. Part # R-904

Ideal Steel Hybrid - call for availability. Part # PG-933-140113

Progress Steel Hybrid - call for availability Part # 385E


Fireview Catalytic Stove - call for availability Part # W-205

Palladin Catalytic Stove - call for availability

Keystone Catalytic Stove - call for availability


Fireside Franklin - call for availability

Mini Franklin - call for availability Part # c-315

Cottage - call for availability Part # C-140