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Wood stove glass products
Pyroceram Glass - Made by Corning/EuroKera USA

Pyroceram is one of the Wood stove glass products that obeys the safety requirements, we give a particular attention to their fundamental property which is heat resistant glass. So whatever your going to use it for, you have the insurance of a high quality product. For your fireplace, or stove...don't look anywhere else, we provide you the best product on the market, the heat resistant glass that you need.

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     Why choose a WoodStove-FireplaceGlass.com's woodstove glass products instead of another ceramic manufacturer? Don't just take our word for it, see what our customers are saying in our testimonial section. WoodStove-FireplaceGlass.com has a tradition of using the well know St Gobain and Corning products.  Our objective is to provide you the best products on the market, and create new ones which correspond the best to your needs. Our heat resistant glass is a unique high heat resistant glass, and it is very safe and secure. It is appropriate for your wood stove, fireplace and even for an industrial use. Corning's companies provide us an access to their vast technological resources, thus our heat resistant glasses (Woodstove glass products)are made by the most developed materials and quality glass ceramics. WoodStove-FireplaceGlass.com works to be your preference and pay attention to any advises we may get from you.  To create a great Wood stove glass product, we have to work together.

When choosing the correct Woodstove glass products make sure you order it from somewhere that specializes in this type of glass.  It can be very confusing to even the best professional.  Woodstove glass products that are made from ceramic glasses like, pyroceramic, neoceramic, and robax glass, other types like tempered and mica glass, all have different uses.  If not used in the correct application Woodstove glass products can pose a danger.

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Woodstove glass products


Neoceram glass - made by JINGNIU China

     Transparent glass ceramic(high temperature glass ) does not expand easily. It sustains heat, withstands rapid temperature change and resists to wear and tear. Its surface is smooth and easy to clean with a long life span. It can be utilized as faceplate or panel of various induction cookers. When it is widely used it provides high quality living for general public.

     Wood stove glass products are Transparent glass ceramics that are made of uniformed crystallization and Lithia. The crystal nucleus can prevent expansion. It also provides chemical stability, resist impact damage, and it is transparent.

It is used in many of the following ways:

* vision panels for room heaters - oil or gas-powered room heaters and stoves, room heaters and stoves with conventional heating system

* cover panels for heating radiators

* cover panels for reflectors and high- performance floodlights

* cover panels in IR drying appliances

* cover panels for beamers

* UV blocking shields

* cover panels for kebab grill radiators

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Woodstove glass products

Robax glass - made by Schott CORPORATION GERMANY

     SCHOTT ROBAX® - Transparent Ceramic Fireplace Glass. Glass ceramic vision panels for fireplaces and stoves.

     SCHOTT ROBAX® is an extremely heat-resistant, transparent ceramic fireplace glass which can be produced in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your specific needs.

     Thanks to its extremely low thermal expansion, neither high temperatures (up to 760°C) nor considerable temperature changes can do harm to SCHOTT ROBAX® glass ceramic panels.

     ROBAX® ceramic fireplace glass has thus proved a reliable vision window for room heating devices such as fireplaces and stoves for 30 years. Onlookers can enjoy the dancing flames and cozy warmth, are protected from flying sparks, and make optimum use of energy through targeted regulation of ingoing air and flue gas. SCHOTT ROBAX® – a warm & safe feeling every day.

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Mica Glass / Isinglass

Q: What Kind of Glass Do I Need?

     Most North American fireplaces and wood stoves have either tempered glass or high temperature glass-ceramic. Tempered glass is most often found on low temperature and economy fireplaces, while glass-ceramic is found on higher end fireplaces and most wood stoves. The difference between them is that tempered glass is less expensive, but it's not suitable for many applications.

     The problem with tempered glass is that it cannot survive high heat. It will break when heated above a few hundred degrees. Also, tempered will shatter if its suddenly cooled (spill a drink on it, or drop some snow on it while loading your stove). Another shortcoming of tempered is that at modest temperatures the glass will 'lose its temper' over time meaning that its safety aspects will decline as you use your fireplace.

     Woodstove glass products like Glass-ceramics, on the other hand, are made especially for high heat applications like fireplaces and wood stoves. It's the same type of material that is used on stoves and glass cooktops. It can take the heat (up to 1400F) and will not break if the temperature changes rapidly.

     You can tell what kind of glass you had in your fireplace or wood stove by looking at the broken pieces of your previous glass. Tempered glass breaks into uniform sized little pebbles about 1/2" long (like a broken car window). Glass-ceramics break like regular annealed glass in longer random sized shards (like a broken house window).

     Most of the time, glass-ceramic is what you need. It is meant for this application and it can be cut to your exact size quickly. Most of the fireplace and wood stove replacement glass we supply is glass-ceramic. We offer Pyroceram glass-ceramic. It's by far the Best in glass-ceramics for heating appliances. It has the quality and durability you'd expect from the market leading product. It's exactly what the manufacturers use. You cannot go wrong using it.

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