You won't stay in business long if you keep being so nice to your customers

by Rick Crouthamel
(Deale, MD USa)

I just ordered a piece of glass to replace the one in the front of my Jotul 8 woodstove. Due to my not quite understanding how to take measurements and how to tell these folks the correct size and shape, I received my glass very quickly. Alas, it was the wrong size. I thought about just accepting the $70+ down the drain and trying to get one made locally. I called these folks trying to figure out what I had done wrong or if they had screwed up. Well, the error was nicely explained to me that I had entered erroneous information in my order form which caused the craftsman to cut the glass to the wrong size.

I asked if they could cut me another or recut the one I had received, and they did the recut. I just received it today and it is PERFECT. They not only recut the glass but THEY paid for the return of the incorrect glass and the shipping to me of the correct size.

I have no idea how they can expect to stay in business by being so damn nice to their customers...they make me think I was dealing with a local business in the 1950s.

I've spread their name around to all my woodstove friends saying that if they ever need glass, they would be crazy not to go to these folks.

Thanks for giving me a return to my childhood days when businesses treated their customers more than fair.


Thanks Rick - Thats just how I like to handle Business! Make it eazy and simple. Mike

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