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Does a stoves air-wash system really keep the glass clean?

Most stoves built since the mid-1980s that have ceramic glass panels in their doors also have an air-wash system. The air-wash system supplies most of the primary air to the fire through a narrow slot along the top inside edge of the glass. The objective is to have the combustion air sweep down between the glass and the fire so that soot cannot stick to the glass. Good air wash systems are remarkably effective at keeping the glass clear. When combined with seasoned fuel and good operating techniques, these systems can keep the glass door clear for weeks of 24/7 operation. After a period of use, a white or grey haze forms on the glass. The haze is easily removed with a damp paper towel when the stove is cool. Light brown stains that often form at the lower corners of the glass can be removed with a special wood stove glass cleaner by following the product instructions. Dark stains are difficult to remove and are a sign either that the stove has a poor air-wash system or the fuel is wet or the stove is being turned down too much. Smoldering fires and damp fuel are the most common reasons for dirty glass. You can work at keeping your glass cleaner by following the stove operating suggestions in our tips section. Dark stains can be made easier to remove by burning very hot for a couple of load cycles. Do not use abrasives on the door glass. Some people recommend using a razor blade to remove black stains from ceramic glass, but this will almost certainly scratch the material because it is much softer than regular window glass. More tips on How To Clean Wood Stove Glass, clean fireplace glass, fireplace glass cleaning are below.

     Maintaining wood stove glass will help you to Clean wood stove glass the best way.

     Modern wood heaters use a clear ceramic material instead of the tempered glass that older fireplaces used. This ceramic material is usually called stove glass for simplicity. It should not break with heat generated by wood burners, but it can break if the fasteners are over-tightened or if it is struck hard with a poker or piece of wood.

      If your glass is broken, you can purchase it here.

If your glass is broken, you can purchase it here.

  We also hear.   How do you remove creosote from glass?  The glass must be sealed tightly to the door to prevent air leaks. This is normally done with a flat woven gasket, usually with adhesive on one side. Clean the glass before installing the gasket. Remove the paper backing from the length of the gasket and lay it on a flat surface, sticky side up. Center the edge of the glass along with the gasket and press it into the adhesive. Now rotate the glass and press the next edge into the next length of the gasket. Repeat until you get back to where you started and cut the gasket to the right length. Now wrap the edges of the gasket around the edges of the glass. The glass gasket will need replacement at some point, but usually not as often as door seals. If you see brown streaks on the glass coming in from the door frame, replace the gasket.

    Wood Stove glass is very expensive, but should never need to be replaced, although some stove models seem to cause etching of the glass with normal use over time. You may wish to replace it to renew the clear fire viewing.

     Regular maintenance and replacing the glass will require you to tighten glass fasteners. When so doing ensure that you tighten them lightly, allowing room for the glass to expand when heated. If you crack your glass, in many cases the stove may be used for a short term while you find a replacement. Replacement glass can be cut to size by a specialty wood heating store or sweep.

      Alternatively, you can buy replacement glass supplied by the stove manufacturer. Some EPA-certified stoves use specially coated glass. Check your manual. If this is the case, you can buy replacement coated glass from a dealer. Coated glass has a special side facing out. Check it and ensure you are installing the right way out.

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