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Wood Stove Gaskets

If your stove experiences air leakage, the fire burns uncontrollably, or the existing gasket becomes damaged you need to get a new one. When you don’t replace wood stove gaskets, you run the risk of your appliance becoming unsafe and it will definitely be inefficient.

Don’t worry though. Here you’ll find a wide range of replacement gaskets to suit all makes and models of wood stove, fireplace, insert, and similar appliances.

About Our Wood Stove Gaskets

Our offering is varied to suit different kinds of jobs as well as personal preferences. We offer wood stove door gasket kits where you get a seven-foot wood stove gasket & glue or cement. This gives you a long enough gasket, plus everything you need to get the job done.

Our wood stove gasket rope is available by the foot or in a 100-foot roll. So if you’re an individual who just needs to replace one gasket or a professional that works with gaskets on a daily basis, you’ll find what you need here. You can also buy tape gaskets from us by the foot or in seven, ten, and 100-foot rolls.

What makes our gaskets special is the expert manufacturing. All of our gaskets are made out of fiberglass rope impregnated with black graphite. These robust materials are resistant to heat and residue build-up, making them last longer.

Use our gaskets in various applications to create an airtight seal around glass and doors. It’s incredibly easy to trim down the rope and fix it to your appliance.


Shopping for Wood Stove Gaskets

When replacing wood stove gaskets, the first thing you need to do is determine the size you require. As you’ve seen, our gaskets and gasket kits come in different lengths. But they also come in different diameters all the way from 3/16” to 1 ¼”.

To find the right size of gasket, measure the width and depth of the channel it will be installed in. Another option is to measure the old gasket if possible to do so. Or you can refer to the instructions manual for your wood stove. These often outline the sizes and specifications of wood stove parts.

Once you have the size, simply match it to the offerings on our site. Bear in mind that it’s a good idea to buy a rope gasket longer than the precise measurement you need. Then you can trim it down in a way that leaves no gaps, which is of course important to create a strong seal.

How Often to Replace Wood Stove Gaskets

If you’re wondering how long a wood stove gasket lasts, there isn’t a set timeline. A number of factors contribute to how quickly wear and tear sets in, such as the model of the wood stove, how often you use it, and the type of fuel you burn within.

This means that you should be checking the wood stove gasket for damage and general wear regularly. Some discoloration is fine. But if you find that the gasket has become singed, burnt-out in areas, brittle, or otherwise damaged, it’s time to make a replacement.

This is because a wood stove gasket is supposed to create an airtight seal. If it’s damaged it can’t do its job properly and you’ll see the negative effects on your stove. Any air leakage means you have less control over the fire inside of your wood stove which is usually maintained by vents. 

Furthermore, when air enters a stove it causes fuel to burn more quickly and thus your stove becomes less efficient, less effective in heating the room, and more expensive to run.

Wood Stove Gaskets Replacement FAQs

Here we’ll answer a couple of key questions and give you a quick reminder of the facts.

Do all wood stoves need a gasket?

Yes, the gasket serves a key purpose. It forms an airtight seal around glass and doors that prevents air leakage. This leads to less fuel waste and much greater efficiency levels. Thankfully, wood stove gaskets are affordable and easy to replace.

To determine whether you need to replace the gasket on a wood stove door, run a quick test. Put a dollar bill between the stove and the door, then close the door. Try to pull the bill free to see how much resistance there is. If the bill comes out easily, there’s a gap and you’ll need to replace the wood stove door gasket.


What is the best material for a wood stove gasket?

If you need to replace your gasket, make sure you purchase one made from a strong and enduring material. That way you’ll have to replace it less often. We believe fiberglass rope with black graphite is the best material for the job. It has high-temperature resistance, is flexible and easy to work with, and it’s resistant to the build-up of creosote and other residues.