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The Benefits of Replacing Your Wood Stove Fan

Don’t underestimate the importance of maintenance. Your wood stove fan is responsible for distributing warm air throughout the room. This means a new wood stove fan blade will make your stove more efficient, heating up the room faster and keeping it warm for longer periods. If you care about the environment and running an eco-friendly home you should replace your wood stove fan when it’s damaged or starts to slow down.

Keeping a wood-burning stove in top condition also makes for cost-effective heating which is super important in these tough economic times. Our series of fan blades are made from aluminum, a strong and lightweight material that will not only withstand the heat but also endure for many winters to come.

Your Wood Stove Fan Buying Guide

At Woodstove Fireplace Glass, you’ll find the exact replacement part you need for many different makes and models of wood stoves. Though we specialize in replacement glass, we stock affordable replacement parts and accessories such as gasket kits, handles, power cords, motors, and of course electric wood stove fan blades.

The easiest way to buy a wood stove fan is to look at the part number in the owner’s manual for your stove and then match it to the replacement part number on our site. For each fan, we list the corresponding stove models. For instance, the Buck 9-1/4" Blower Fan Blade fits the Buck 26000, 27000, 2800, and Carolina I & II models. But the same part may match other models, you’ll simply need to refer to your stove’s handbook to find out.

Each fan blade lists its sizes in diameter, the number of blades, pitch, and motor type. Before you order a new wood stove fan, measure your old fan’s propeller and center hole to ensure you have the right fit. You may also want to check whether the part connects to a wood stove fan blower motor or a variable motor.

Remember wood stove fans should be installed by a qualified fireplace installer or electrician.

Where to Find the Best Wood Stove Fan

Though some of our fan blades come from the original manufacturer (OEM parts), we keep our prices low by offering mostly aftermarket parts that are manufactured and shipped from our location in Quincy, Illinois. 

We update our range of products regularly to make sure we always offer the best wood stove fans as new models of wood stoves appear. And it’s safe to say our family-run business are experts in the field of wood stoves and fireplaces. Our customers give us top ratings for our friendly and knowledgeable customer service, fast shipping, secure packaging, and perfectly fitting replacement parts.

Wood Stove Fan FAQs

We’ll answer any questions you may have about wood stove fans using our expert knowledge. Here are a few key items you may want to understand:

How Does a Wood Stove Fan Work?

You may already be aware of the fact that heat rises. Without a fan, the hot air your wood stove produces would escape towards the roof which is, of course, inefficient. A wood stove fan continually propels heat forward instead to make sure it reaches the whole room, is distributed evenly, and keeps you cozy.

How Do You Fix a Wood Stove Fan?

Your wood stove fan is subjected to high temperatures. So the existing wood stove fan may suffer damage over time. It may be weakened, lose some of its shape, or even corrode. All of these problems result in your wood stove not working the way it should.

It’s not possible to fix this type of wood stove fan so you’ll need to replace it when the time comes. Thankfully our range is affordable and easy to install.

Are Wood Stove Fans Worth It?

A fan is important to the way your stove functions. As mentioned, without it you’d either lose the heat when it rises or the heat would only reach a limited area and not the entire space. You need a wood stove fan so that you don’t waste any fuel. The fan makes your stove more efficient and cost-effective. As a result, the room gets warmer and stays warm, free from cold spots.