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We hear about customers losing control of their wood stove fires. Or that their fuel is burning out too quickly, which not only leaves you in a cold room but also out of pocket. That’s where tape gaskets come in.

Without the airtight seal of a tape gasket, your wood stove, fireplace, or other appliance will become inefficient and a money drain. Here you’ll find the solution - robust, easy-to-use tape gaskets in varying lengths.

All About Our Adhesive Tape Gaskets

Want to learn a little more about the qualities of our adhesive tape gaskets? Our high-quality tape gaskets measure ¾” wide and ⅛” thick. For your convenience, they’re available to buy by the foot or seven, ten, or 100-foot rolls. This suits both personal and professional use.

We manufacture the gaskets out of fiberglass rope that’s impregnated with black graphite. You’ll find that this provides a tight seal, impervious to high temperatures and creosote build-up.

It can be used for various applications, including wood stove doors and glass, fireplace inserts, furnaces, and other appliances. Our tape gaskets are also very easy to trim down and install.

Adhesive tape gaskets have the convenience factor. But if you’re looking for a traditional rope gasket, browse our selection of rope gasket kits.

Use Tape Gaskets for Airtight Enclosures

Our tape gaskets have an incredibly strong bonding tape that fuses the gasket to the stove or appliance. The tape gasket forms an airtight seal between the door or glass panel and the stove, preventing air leakage.

When air gets into a wood stove, the fuel burns up more quickly, reducing its efficiency. Plus, it’s more difficult to control the fire within, which may be a safety issue. It’s vital, then, that you use tape gaskets for airtight enclosures, allowing stove vents to do their jobs and control the airflow properly.

You may find using tape gaskets preferable to applying gasket ropes with a glue or spray adhesive. With a tape gasket, where the adhesive is already fixed, you get a much simpler installation and don’t have to worry about mess or harmful fumes. You’re also more likely to get an even application onto the surface of a stove or fireplace.

All in all, our tape gaskets are strong, clean, and convenient.

What to Consider Before Buying Tape Gaskets

First, you must ensure that our tape gaskets are the correct diameter for your wood stove or appliance. Each appliance has a channel where the gasket is fitted. So you can measure the width and depth of this channel to find the size of the gasket you need. Alternatively, remove the old gasket and measure it as long as the rope isn’t burnt-out or too brittle.

We sell tape gaskets at different lengths. Thus, you must also measure the length of the channel to see how much you need. Pros are more likely to buy our 100-foot rolls and use them in multiple applications. But if you’re purchasing a tape gasket for personal use, make sure the gasket is long enough. If the gasket tape is too short, then you won’t be able to get the airtight seal you require.

When you buy from us, you’ll discover a quick and easy checkout process. We also offer free ground delivery on orders over $100.

Tape Gasket FAQs

Here we’ll use our expert knowledge to answer a few of your most frequently asked questions. Feel free to get in touch if you still have more to ask.

What is gasket tape?

Our gasket tape is for use on heating appliances such as wood stoves and fireplaces. It goes around the door or around a glass panel to form an airtight enclosure that keeps the appliance functioning effectively and efficiently.

How do you install gasket tape?

To apply gasket tape to a wood stove door, first wait until the stove has cooled down, unscrew the door, and lay it flat. Locate the gasket channel and remove the old gasket as well as any residue or debris.

Trim your gasket tape to size. Remove the paper backing of the gasket tape and carefully slot it into the channel. Ensure an even application and that there are no gaps where air may leak into the appliance.

Do you need adhesive for gaskets?

Yes, usually you need a form of adhesive to attach a gasket. We stock gasket kits with adhesive or cement. The gasket tape in this section, however, already has the adhesive attached for convenience. So you can just cut it to length, peel off the backing and stick it to the appliance.