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The function of wood stove gasket rope is to create an airtight seal for the glass panels and doors of your stove. If this isn’t achieved, your wood stove does not run efficiently or cost-effectively. Therefore it’s vital you replace the gasket if it gets singed, burnt out, or otherwise damaged.

You’ll find a replacement wood stove gasket rope in the correct diameter and length for your needs in this section.

Wood Stove Gasket Rope Buyer’s Guide

We sell wood stove gaskets in varying diameters and lengths. You can buy a replacement gasket rope by the foot or in a 100-foot roll. The latter is, of course, perfect for installation professionals.

The gasket ropes you’ll find here are suitable for a range of stove brands and models. What’s more, they’re easy to handle and install thanks to their flexibility. 

Our gasket ropes are also easy to cut down to the correct size. Therefore, you may wish to buy a gasket rope that’s slightly longer and trim it down for a precise fit.

All of our wood stove gasket ropes are made from textured fiberglass, impregnated with black graphite as these materials have such useful properties. They ensure a tight seal lasts over long-term use and remains in place even at high temperatures. 

Plus, they’re resistant to the residues that build up naturally when you burn logs or pellets. Our ropes also have greater abrasion resistance than those that aren’t treated with black graphite.

Wood Stove Gasket Rope Sizes

There are a number of ways to determine the correct gasket rope size for your wood stove.

The gasket rope usually fits inside a groove of the wood stove door or window. Therefore, you can measure the width and depth of this groove to get the correct rope diameter. Alternatively, you may be able to measure the diameter of the existing gasket rope as long as it hasn’t disintegrated.

Another option is to go to your stove owner’s manual. It may outline the size you should be looking for. If not, contact our experts for help as we know our way around all the popular makes and models of wood, gas, and pellet stove.

The wide range of wood stove gasket rope sizes we offer are as follows: 3/16”, 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8”, 3/4”, 7/8”, 1”, and 1 1/4”.  It’s important to get the sizing correct to ensure an airtight seal for the glass in your stove.

At Woodstove Fireplace Glass, we also sell gasket kits that include cement or adhesive used to apply the rope to your stove.

The Benefits of Wood Stove Gasket Replacement

As you know, the gasket maintains an airtight seal around a stove door or glass panel. This means that the only air entering or exiting your stove is through the appropriate vents. 

If air enters through a broken or inefficient seal then your fuel will burn up quicker. The seal also prevents smoke escaping into the room which wouldn’t be pleasant.

Furthermore, with an airtight seal, you get to control the airflow via the vents. When the airflow is controlled your fire burns warmer and for longer periods.

Wood stove gasket replacement should be viewed as an important part of maintenance. You should check the quality of the seal and your gasket rope for damage on the regular. We also advise you to replace the gasket when you replace the glass on your stove to maximize efficiency.

Wood Stove Gaskets FAQs

Here are our expert responses to some of your frequently asked questions about wood stove gaskets:

What Is a Rope Gasket for a Wood Stove?

The rope gasket is a length of rope made from treated fiberglass material. It provides the seal around the glass of a wood stove door or glass panel. It’s installed by trimming the rope down to the correct size and using cement or adhesive to stick it in place. 

When Should I Replace the Rope Seal on My Wood Stove?

It’s normal for the rope seal to become discolored during use. However, if the rope is burned or damaged, it’s time to replace the gasket. You may see that the rope has become brittle, for example, and is therefore no longer serving its function. How often the gasket wears out depends on multiple factors such as the stove’s brand or how regularly you use your stove.

Can You Use a Wood Stove Without a Gasket?

No, it’s not recommended that you use a wood stove without a gasket. It’s necessary to maintain controlled airflow through the vent system. A lack of seal means your wood stove runs inefficiently and your rooms won’t be kept warm for long periods.