Tape Gasket - by the running Foot

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Flat tape gasket Sold by the running foot is for going around the edge of ceramic stove glass. 3/4" inch wide, 1/8" inch thick. Grey with adhesive on one side. Made of fiberglass rope material. Price is per running foot.

Replace worn or burnt-out gaskets on air-tight wood stoves, heating appliances, furnaces and fireplace inserts. Our stove gasket is manufactured from textured fiberglass for high temperature sealing qualities. Black graphite impregnated fiberglass resists sticking and creosote build-up. Both soft and flexible, Our Flat Tape Gasket can be used in almost any gasket application.

Special manufacturing makes them easy to handle in applications where cut or fabricated. The seal lasts longer, efficiency is increased. Our Flat Gasket has a greater abrasion resistance than untreated fiberglass gasket. Enough gasket material should be ordered to go all the way around the glass of your wood stove glass.


  • Black textured fiberglass
  • Resists sticking and creosote build-up
  • Measure: 3/4" Wide
  • Make a U-shaped seal around the glass
  • Flat tape gasket Sold by the running foot