Cleaning Wood Stove glass

How do I clean my ceramic wood stove glass?

 After having a wood-burning fireplace most of my life, I have tried several commercial products on the market with little success. I used to work for a heating and air conditioning contractor and I headed up the fireplace and wood stove sales. After years of selling commercial cleaning products to my customer, an older gentleman told me how to clean wood stove glass the best way. "Ashes Breaks down Ashes. " That's what he told me. Once I thought about it, it made perfect sense and that's how my wife and I have cleaned our fireplace glass every sense.

So here's what I've found on how to Clean wood stove glass the best way. Take a non-abrasive glass cleaner, any kind will do. Spray down the glass with it. Don't wipe yet! Then spray down a crumpled-up piece of newspaper in one spot pretty good. Then dip the wet part of the paper into your fireplace ashes. Wipe it in a circular motion on the glass. It will make a kind of paste. But as your wiping, the soot on the doors will begin to break down. Just do that all across the door surface and then wipe off. Then I spray the doors one more time with the glass cleaner and wipe them off, either with a fresh piece of newspaper or a clean paper towel. It's the best thing I've found to clean my fireplace doors. List of items you'll need: Newspaper, Fireplace ashes, glass cleaner and paper towels That is how we found is the best way to clean wood stove glass. 

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