Warnock-Hersey Wood Stove Parts

It is a little confusing because the Warnock-Hersey name is very prominent on wood stove information plates.  Warnock-Hersey is not a stove brand though, it is a testing laboratory in Canada.  Similar to the UL-Listing for the United States.

Please understand that Warnock-Hersey is NOT a manufacturer of wood stoves or fireplaces. The Warnock-Hersey model number just states that it was tested before being sent out. If you see this WH number, please look for another number. Any WH number is not a model number.

When you see the Warnock-Hersey or (WH) number on the back of the stove, this only tells you that this is a stove that was made or sold in Canada.  

The information plate should however have the manufactures' brand and model number somewhere on that plate.  Some of the more common stove brands are Century, CFM, Haughs, Drolet and there are several other less popular stove brands.  It is usually printed very small at the bottom of the tag.

In the example below, the stove manufacturer is Haughs and the model number is S120

Warnock Hersey Stove Information Plate

Warnock-Hersey is an Intertek company.  Sometimes you will see the Intertek / ETL / WH logo on the back of the stove. 

Warnock Hersey Intertek Stove Parts

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