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What is Mica glass?

How to Clean Mica Glass?
Mica glass will become more difficult to clean with usage, but these suggestions will help keep it looking better, longer.
Rinse off the glass water
Wash the mica stove glass with a soapy water solvent and a soft cloth
Thoroughly rinse with new, clean water.
Dry the glass with a clean cloth removing any residue.

What Mica Glass Sizes Do We Carry?
WoodStove-Fireplaceglass.com offers individuals sheets of mica glass, ranging in size from 3" x 3" inches to 12" x 12" inches. For larger areas, multiple panels of mica glass will need to be pieced together.

How to Install Mica Glass:
After checking that the glass fits to the intended frame, make any size adjustments by trimming it with scissors, paper cutter, or Exacto knife. Clamp the glass in the frame. Stove cement can also be used to help hold it in place.

When ordering Stove mica glass, keep in mind...

Mica glass expands when heated. So order or cut the mica glass to size so that it is a 1/8" inch smaller than the place that it sits in. This will help accommodate for this thermal expansion.
Mounting hardware, such as metal screws, will also expand under heat. So do not over-tighten. The hardware can cause the glass to break when the woodstove is in use. We recommend installing the hardware "finger tight", meaning screwing in by hand, and stopping when the glass is secure but not tight.

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David Lobert
David Lobert

We need a sheet of mica glass 8" by 12" and I will have to cut it in three pieces measuring 10.5" by 2.25, 7.75" by 2.75", and 6.5" by 2.25".

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