What is the difference between Tempered glass, Ceramic glass and Mica glass

 The biggest difference between Tempered glass, Ceramic glass, and Mica glass is the temperature range that they can withstand.  

  • Tempered glass can withstand up to about 400 Degrees.
  • Ceramic glass can withstand up to about 1200-1400 Degrees.
  • ¬†Mica glass can withstand up to about 1000 degrees

 Another difference is the overall strength of the glass. Strength from a blunt force - getting hit.

  • Tempered glass can take very hard blows.¬† it is 4 times stronger than normal glass and ceramic glass.¬† It can withstand several blows with a hammer even.¬†¬†
  • ¬†Ceramic glass has about the same Strength as regular window glass.
  • Mica glass is very thin like paper.¬† Tuff for as thin as it is, but you can poke holes in it.

So how do I know when to use which glass?

  • Tempered glass is typically used in non-heat-producing fireplaces.¬† Bi-fold doors, some gas units, and electric fireplaces. (never, ever use tempered glass in a wood stove!)¬† When tempered glass it shatters into a thousand pieces.

Crushed Tempered Glass

  • ¬† Ceramic glass is used in all wood stoves, pellet stoves, some wood-burning fireplaces, and gas fireplaces and stoves.¬† When Ceramic glass breaks, it breaks in large chunks like regular window glass

Broken Ceramic Glass

  • Mica glass is used in very old "potbelly" stoves.¬† Usually in very small pieces.¬† It is as thin as paper and can curve to the shape of the stove.¬† It feels like really thin plexiglass.¬† It usually has little spots in the glass - this is normal, it is pressed into sheets from the minerals used.¬†


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