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What Size Wood Stove Door Gasket Do I Need?

Wood Stove Door Gasket Replacement.
New rope gasket has a round shape and is braided (hence its name – rope gasket). Once installed and as the door is tightly closed, it is designed to flatten and fill the space between the door and the wood stove frame for an airtight seal.

If you don't have the correct size, you will not get a good seal. This can reduce your wood stove efficiency, resulting in burning more wood and having a harder time controlling the fire.   Here's what you can do to determine the correct size:

So how do you measure wood stove gasket?

  • Check out the old seal. Try to choose a section that does not look as worn as the rest of the gasket. Then you can measure the width and depth of the channel.
  • Using a flat head screwdriver, pry that section of the old gasket out of the channel. You just need to pull out enough to see the width of the channel and measure with a ruler or tape measure.
  • Measure across the gasket channel (in inches). Usually in ¼”- 3/8”- ½” - 5/8” – ¾” – 7/8” or 1” thickness.
  • Remove any gasket cement that may remain in the channel. Once it is clean, you can measure the depth of the channel.
  • Look over the two measurements' width and depth and choose the largest measurement of the two so that your new replacement gasket will fill and seal the channel.
  • If you can mold your old gasket back so it is round, try placing a ruler across it to measure the width. This additional measurement can give you a very better indication of what diameter wood stove gasket to order.
  • It is a good idea to order a little more gasket than you need. Typically, about one foot more than your final measurement just in case.

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