Where can I find the Manufacturers Brand and Model number information on a wood stove?

What you are looking for is a manufactures information plate.  This Plate or Tag as it is sometimes called should be somewhere on any wood stove or fireplace manufactures after about 1980.

This product tag should have the brand, model, and serial number imprinted on it, as well as clearance information.  

This will give you an idea of where to look:

If you have a Woodstove

           - the plate is usually on the back of the stove....but not always.  They are about 5" x 7" and are typically black, metal (silver), or orange.  If it is not there, then check the bottom left side. 

Back of Stove Information Plate

If you have a Pellet stove

           - The plate can be found on the side (usually bottom left) or sometimes inside by the hopper lid. 

Pellet Stove Hopper Lid

If you have a wood insert

            - This can be a little tougher.  The tag is still usually on the back of the unit (I know, Great!)  So hopefully you still have the owner's manual that has the make and model on it.  But once in a while, you'll get lucky and the tag is just inside the door, usually toward the top.  

Back of wood stove


If you can not find your wood stove or pellet stove manufacturers' plate in these places look underneath on the bottom of the unit.  I have seen them there also.


If you can't find it at all, don't sweat it.  We can figure out the brand and model a lot of times by the glass size.  We will just need very accurate measurements.  So just give us a shout when you have them. 







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