Chippewa Stoves Models

Chippewa stoves were made by the Chippewa Stove Company, a small wood stove manufacturer located in Wisconsin. The company was founded in the 1970s and specialized in producing high-quality wood stoves that were built to last.

Chippewa wood stoves were known for their durable construction, efficient heating, and attractive designs. They were made from heavy-duty cast iron and featured advanced combustion systems that allowed for cleaner burning and better heat output. Many models also included secondary air intakes, which helped to increase combustion efficiency and reduce emissions.

In addition to wood stoves, Chippewa also produced a range of other heating products, including wood furnaces and fireplace inserts. However, the company ceased production in the early 2000s, and its products are no longer being made. Nonetheless, many Chippewa wood stoves are still in use today and are highly regarded by wood stove enthusiasts for their quality and performance.

2000c - need pattern

2500c - need pattern

EK145c - need pattern

EK185c - need pattern

Multi Fuel Furnace - need pattern