Chippewa Stoves Models

Rediscover the Legacy of Chippewa Stoves Models

Chippewa Stoves Models carry with them a rich legacy of quality and craftsmanship, hailing from the esteemed Chippewa Stove Company, a small wood stove manufacturer nestled in the heart of Wisconsin. Established in the 1970s, this company was dedicated to producing wood stoves that embodied enduring excellence.

Quality That Stands the Test of Time

Chippewa wood stoves were celebrated for their robust construction, efficient heating capabilities, and captivating designs. Crafted from heavy-duty cast iron, these stoves were designed to withstand the rigors of time, providing dependable warmth for generations. Their advanced combustion systems facilitated cleaner burning and delivered exceptional heat output, making them a favored choice among heating enthusiasts.

A Focus on Efficiency and Clean Burning

Many Chippewa Stove Models incorporated innovative features such as secondary air intakes, a testament to the company's commitment to efficiency and environmental responsibility. These intakes boosted combustion efficiency, resulting in reduced emissions and a more eco-friendly heating experience.

Beyond Wood Stoves

Chippewa Stove Company extended its expertise beyond wood stoves, offering a range of heating solutions, including wood furnaces and fireplace inserts. While the company ceased production in the early 2000s, its products have left an indelible mark on the heating industry, with Chippewa wood stoves continuing to earn praise for their quality and performance.

Custom-Sized Replacement Glass

If you own a Chippewa Stove Model, such as the 2000c, 2500c, EK145c, EK185c, or Multi Fuel Furnace, and require replacement glass, we've got you covered. Our commitment to preserving the legacy of these stoves includes crafting custom-sized replacement glass. To get started, simply provide us with the necessary pattern, and we'll ensure a perfect fit for your cherished Chippewa wood stove.

Preserve the Warmth of Tradition

Don't let the legacy of your Chippewa Stove Model fade away. Choose Tailored Fireplace Glass for a precise and custom-crafted replacement that upholds the tradition of quality and performance. Contact us today to initiate your Chippewa wood stove glass replacement project.

2000c - need pattern

2500c - need pattern

EK145c - need pattern

EK185c - need pattern

Multi Fuel Furnace - need pattern

Custom Glass Sizing

Discover the perfect fit for your woodstove or fireplace with our wide range of shapes and custom sizing choices. Providing a precise fit is our specialty, and if you can provide a pattern, we'll make the process even smoother.

Custom Size Glass