Cottage Stove Wood Stoves

Cottage Stoves are retailers and installers of quality British and EuropeanΒ wood burning and multi-fuel/solid fuel stovesΒ based nearΒ Newbury, predominantly operating in theΒ Berkshire, Hampshire,Β Β  Wiltshire, Dorset andΒ Oxfordshire areas. We will need the pattern/glass size for any Cottage Stove wood stove.

Cottage Stove is a brand of wood stoves that was manufactured in the late 19th and early 20th century. These stoves were popular in North America, particularly in Canada and the northeastern United States.

Cottage Stoves were known for their unique designs, including decorative patterns and colors that made them stand out as both functional and decorative pieces. They were also efficient heaters, using wood as fuel to heat homes and other spaces.

Today, Cottage Stoves are considered collector's items, with antique and vintage models being sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. They represent a piece of history in the evolution of heating technology, and their craftsmanship and design continue to be appreciated by many.