Franco Belge Stoves

 "Franco Belge have over 80 years experience in designing and manufacturing some of the world's finest wood-burning and solid-fuel cast iron stoves. The Belfort, Montfort, Monaco, Savoy, Limousin, Camargue, Ardennes, Monte Carlo and Parisienne are part of the family. Belge stoves feature a powerful airwash system to provide cleaner burning and to help keep the glass doors free of unsightly deposits. All of their stoves are constructed from top grade cast iron for a lifetime of dependable service.

   There are many benefits of cast iron over other materials - for example once the fuel has expired the stove will retain heat for much longer when compared with stoves constructed from other materials. Cast iron has also proved to be more durable under high temperatures. Unlike steel, cast iron can be moulded into a large range of textures and designs giving our stoves their traditional appeal and added beauty."

Franco Belge Stove Glass Patterns and Sizes



Savoy Elegance





Monte Carlo