Installing Glass

How to install glass in a wood stove or fireplace.

Number One
Remove the old glass
To remove your old glass, you will first need to remove the clips holding it in place. These clips come in many shapes and sizes, some big and some small, but they all work the same. They're typically pieces of metal, screwed into the door, that hold the glass in place. Get a screwdriver or drill, and remove the screws. After the screws are removed, take the metal clips off, making sure the glass does not fall out. After all the clips have been taken out, remove the glass.
Number Two
Installing your gasket
To apply your gasket, first make sure the outer edge of your glass is clean. Next, peel off about an inch or two of the film and place it on the edge of your glass. Continue peeling off small amounts of the film and placing it on the edge of the glass. As you stick the gasket to the glass, try and make a "u" or "c" shape with the gasket by folding it around the sides. Cut off any excess gasketing material and get ready to install your glass.
Number 3
Installing your glass
Before trying to install your glass, make sure the inside surface is clean of any debris or broken glass. Place your glass with the gasket around it in your door. Hold the glass in your door and start to install the clips. Attach all clips to your door and start to tighten the screws. We recommend using a screwdriver and not a drill as you do not want to overtighten the clips. One main cause of breakage that we see is due to the clips being screwed in too tight. You want your glass to be "snug" to your door, anymore pressure than that and your glass may break the next time you start your stove. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN YOUR CLIPS.
Number 4
Cleaning your glass
Take a non-abrasive glass cleaner, any kind will do, and get some newspaper. Spray down the glass with it. Don't wipe yet! Then spray down a crumpled piece of newspaper in one spot pretty good. Then dip the wet part of the paper into your fireplace ashes. Wipe it in a circular motion on the glass. It will make a kind of paste. But as your wiping, the soot on the doors will begin to break down. Just do that all across the door surface and then wipe off. Then spray the doors one more time with the glass cleaner and wipe off, either with a fresh piece of newspaper or clean paper towel.


Β Β Β Β  Most fireplaces have bi-folding doors or pairs of doors. They typically lift up and out of the support holes that hold them in place. Then for the most part they have screws that are holding the frame together. Just take the frame apart. Make sure the frame is completely clear of the old broken glass that you are replacing and install the new glass (usually tempered glass).Β Some fireplaces have rivets holding the frame together. Its basically the same process but you have to drill out the rivets and install new ones in place of them.