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Martin Hearth products were a line of wood-burning and gas-burning stoves and fireplaces produced by the Martin Industries company. Martin Industries was a family-owned business that was founded in Florence, Alabama in 1919, and the company produced a variety of heating and cooking products over the years, including wood and gas-burning stoves, fireplaces, and grills.

The Martin Hearth products line included a range of freestanding stoves, fireplace inserts, and fireplaces, designed to provide warmth and comfort to homes. They were constructed from high-quality materials and featured a variety of advanced technologies, such as blowers, thermostats, and catalytic combustion systems.

In the 1990s, Martin Industries was acquired by the Monessen Hearth Systems Company, which continued to produce Martin Hearth products for a period of time. However, the Martin Hearth product line was eventually discontinued, and Monessen Hearth Systems went on to focus on other brands and product lines.

Today, Martin Hearth products are no longer being produced, but many of their stoves and fireplaces remain in use in homes across the country. Replacement parts for Martin Hearth products can still be found through specialty parts suppliers or online retailers.

If you have a Martin Hearth product and need more information about its use or maintenance, you may be able to find information through online forums or by contacting a local heating and cooling professional.