Nu-Tech Stoves

NU-TEC Incorporated has been involved in the cast-iron stove business since 1982. NU-TEC has produced cast-iron stoves and fireplace products in the U.S., Belgium, Taiwan, and Croatia. NU-TEC has a special understanding of the requirements of fireplace/stove design and is credited with supplying the U.S., Canadian and European markets with some of the most beautiful, technologically advanced fireplace stoves.ย 

NU-TEC's expertise in the design, specification, and procurement of low cost cast-iron stoves and components has enabledย them to specialize in the supplying quality private label fireplace and stove products to hearth product manufacturers. A full time staff ofย engineers and technicians operating at their facility in China ensures thatย their manufacturing partners obtain quality castings atย a fairย price.

In 2013, Nu-Tec Incorporated was acquired by United States Stove Company. This acquisition brings over 140 years of manufacturing experience and technology into the NU-Tec team. As part of United States Stove Company,ย they expect to be able to bring new and exciting models to the market in the near Future.

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