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Pelpro is a brand of pellet stoves, manufactured by Dansons, a company that produces wood pellet grills, as well as wood, pellet, and gas stoves. Pelpro offers a range of pellet stoves for residential and commercial use, designed to be energy-efficient and easy to use.

Pelpro pellet stoves come with digital controls and thermostats that allow for precise temperature regulation. The stoves use a natural, renewable fuel source, and are designed to be low-maintenance, with easy-to-clean ash pans and long burn times.

Pelpro offers a variety of stove models, including freestanding and insert stoves, as well as models with different heating capacities, ranging from 10,000 BTU to 50,000 BTU. The stoves are made with durable steel construction and come with a limited warranty.

In addition to their pellet stoves, Pelpro also offers a line of wood stoves, as well as a line of pellet grills, under the Pit Boss brand.

Pelpro stoves can be purchased through authorized dealers, as well as online retailers. The company also offers customer support and a range of replacement parts and accessories to ensure that their stoves remain in top condition