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Pleasant Hearth Glass Sizes

We make Pleasant Hearth Stove glass replacements for most all makes or models.  Look at our list below... and if you do not see your Pleasant Hearth Wood Stove Glass listed, please contact us.   We try our best to keep up on all of the brands and models of stoves and their glass sizes. 

Wood stove replacement glass proudly made in Quincy IL.  U.S.A.

Archtop - Archtop pattern. Size 17 x 9 1/2                                                                     Part # PH archtop

At we only carry the Pleasant Hearth Stove Glass.  We do not carry any other parts for their stoves.  We are not associated with the company in any way other then carrying the Stove Glass. 

This Pleasant Hearth Wood Stove Glass is a pyroceramic glass.  Able to withstand temperatures of up to 1388 degrees. We always recommend you measure your glass to make sure that the Glass is correct for you.

We will need a size/pattern on the following models:

HWS - 224172MH

LWS - 127201

LWS - 130291

WS - 2417

WS - 2720

WS - 3029

35000 BTU Medium

Large Pellet

Cabinet Stove
















25" Wallmount

35" Curved ( We cannot do curved glass)


20" Electric

24" Electric

25" Panoramic



   Pleasant Hearth is a brand of stove that is stocked in "big box stores such as Home Depot, Walmart, etc. We currently have glass for one model, so if your glass is a different size, we will need the measurements and/or pattern. Pleasant Hearth is a brand manufactured by the GHP Group.

   "GHP Group, Inc. is a leading manufacturing company which specializes in electric fireplaces, fireplace glass doors, fireplace accessories, electric log sets, portable heating products and barbecue grill products. Their products can be found at most major home centers, hardware stores and internet retailers across North America.

   Their senior management has a combined total of over 100 years of industry experience, just one of the reasons GHP Group Inc. has become a proven leader in product development, program execution, market trends and customer service.

   All of their products have been put through rigorous testing to ensure that they not only meet, but exceed the industry standards of quality, durability and functionality. Along with their highest quality of product, you will also find their service standards to be unparalleled. Their customers are able to take comfort in the knowledge that they are always ready to assist whenever the need arises. GHP Group, Inc is with you every step of the way!"

Pleasant Hearth is a brand that offers a wide range of heating and hearth products. The company was founded in 1991 and is based in Illinois, USA. Here are some of the product categories offered by Pleasant Hearth:

  • Fireplaces: Pleasant Hearth offers a variety of electric and gas fireplaces that are designed to be energy efficient and easy to install. They offer different sizes, styles, and finishes to match various home decor.

  • Stoves: Pleasant Hearth also offers a range of wood-burning, pellet-burning, and gas stoves. These stoves are designed to provide efficient and clean heating solutions for homes.

  • Fireplace accessories: Pleasant Hearth also offers a variety of fireplace accessories such as screens, grates, log holders, tool sets, and more. These accessories are designed to enhance the safety and functionality of your fireplace.

  • Hearth pads: For those who have wood stoves or pellet stoves, Pleasant Hearth offers hearth pads that are designed to protect the floor from heat and ash.

Overall, Pleasant Hearth is a well-known brand in the hearth industry that offers a variety of high-quality and reliable heating solutions.