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RIteway stove

 "Riteway Manufacturing Co., of Harrisonburg, Va. made wood stoves throughout the 1970's and 1980's. The designs were utilitarian, and used a downdraft method of combustion. Some models were outfitted as furnaces and boilers. Later models (1982 on) attempted to use catalytic converters, however soon after Riteway because a causualty of cheap energy prices in the mid-1980's."




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Riteway was a brand that produced wood-burning stoves and furnaces for residential and commercial use. The company was founded in 1949 in the city of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and was known for its reliable and efficient heating appliances.

Riteway offered a range of products, including wood-burning stoves, furnaces, fireplace inserts, and heaters. Their stoves were made of cast iron and featured airtight designs for efficient heating. Some of their models included the Princess, the Regal, and the Classic.

In addition to their heating appliances, Riteway also produced chimney and venting systems to ensure safe and proper installation of their products. They also offered a limited lifetime warranty on the firebox of their stoves.

Riteway was acquired by the Hearth and Home Technologies company in 2003, which continued to manufacture and sell their products under the Riteway name for several years. However, in 2015, Hearth and Home Technologies discontinued the Riteway brand and merged their products into their other brands, such as Heatilator and Quadra-Fire.

Today, Riteway stoves and furnaces can still be found in some homes and businesses throughout the United States and Canada. While the brand may no longer be in production, its legacy lives on through the continued use and maintenance of its heating appliances.