Scandia Stoves

  "Scandia stoves were made in Taiwan by Franklin Cast Products of Warwick, RI.
The stoves were mostly copies of existing American and European designs, but of much lesser quality.

    Most stoves were imported during the time period 1979 to 1984. The company went out of business - possibly due to lawsuits from companies regarding copies of their stoves (Trademark and other such violations).

    They also marketed one of the first catalytic stoves, the Concorde Catalytic, which was produced for them in the USA by Roper (large appliance maker)."

   "The Scandia wood stove usually means you have a cheap stove, if its more than a few years old. For a long time, Scandias were cheap Taiwanese knockoffs of name brand stoves. You may also see a service tag for Franklin Cast Products, as they seem to be an affiliated brand.

   Jotul and Morso were often copied. They were made for several years in the 80s and 90s but seem to have gone away. They had a reputation as being hard to manage. There was no real air control built into them. The castings are generally not as nice as you'd want.

   If you have one or buy a house or home that has one, you can have it reviewed and test fire it. I heard several owners who say that their's heats decently so its tough to know. Definitely make sure its up to code.

   There is an Australian outfit that produces heaters under the Scandia name today, but they are not affiliated with the old knockoff maker. I haven't had experience with this company, so its unclear right now how good they are."

Scandia Glass Sizes

   We currently do not have any Scandia patterns or sizes. If you have a Scandia stove and need glass for it, contact us. We will need some measurements. If your glass has a pattern to it, we may need you to send us an outline of the pattern.