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Warnock-Hersey is NOT a manufacturer of woodstove/fireplaces.

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Please understand that Warnock-Hersey is NOT a manufacturer of woodstove/fireplaces. The Warnock-Hersey model number just states that it was tested before being sent out. If you see this WH number, please look for another number. Any WH number is not a model number.

Products bearing the Warnock Hersey (WH-ETL) Mark indicate compliance to relevant building codes, association criteria, and product safety and performance standards. Nearly 80% of North America's wood fire-rated doors bear the WH Mark.

There are several brands that may have a information plate like the one featured below.Β  The actual brand of the stove is usually at the very bottom of the stoves information plate.

Warnock Hersey plate

Intertek’s Warnock Hersey Mark has long been a marquee mark in building product industry and in 2013, Intertek introduced the next evolution of the Warnock Hersey mark.Β  The new mark combined the storied ETL Mark with the traditional Warnock Hersey (WH) Mark. Combining two marks into one leveraged the fire-safety strength of the WH Mark with the electrical-safety strength of the ETL Mark allowing for easy recognition by Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) across North America.Β  The new WH-ETL Mark provides customers whose products traditionally bore the WH Mark a solution that moves with the direction of their industry.Β  If you have any questions about the new mark, be sure to check out our WH-ETL FAQ page.

The Warnock Hersey Mark can be found on more than 6,500 products ranging from fire doors, hardware, hearth, plumbing, and construction products. Utilizing the Warnock Hersey Mark on a product reflects a commitment to product safety, performance, and quality to inspectors, builders and end users. The mark also signifies that the product’s manufacturing site(s) undergo periodic follow-up inspections to ensure ongoing compliance of the originally certified product."

Warnock Hersey is a mark used in North America to indicate compliance with building codes and safety standards on heating and plumbing products. It is not a manufacturer or brand of hearth products. The mark is issued by Intertek, a testing laboratory that verifies compliance with safety and performance standards established by government and industry organizations.

Products that bear the Warnock Hersey mark have been tested and certified to meet or exceed the requirements of the appropriate standards, which vary by product type and location. The mark is commonly seen on fireplaces, stoves, chimneys, and other heating and ventilation products. However, it does not indicate any particular level of quality or performance beyond the basic standards.