Vermont Castings 52" Griddle Gasket Kit w/Glue (3441)

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  • 4 feet of 5/16" Black Graphite Fiberglass Gasketย with Armored Metal Mesh
  • 1 2oz bottle of gasket Adhesive

Fits the following Vermont Castings wood stove models:

  • Acclaim
  • Defiant
  • Encore
  • Intrepid I, II
  • Resolute
  • Vigilant
  • Also fits Dauntless door seals

About this item

  • Original Vermont Castings Part: Ensure the authenticity and performance with this genuine replacement gasket, designed to meet the exact specifications of your Vermont Castings stove.
  • Comprehensive Kit: Includes a 52-inch length of 3/16-inch Glass Fiber Gasket, reinforced with a robust wire mesh overbraid, and a tube of premium gasket cement for a complete, secure seal.
  • Wide Compatibility: Fits a variety of Vermont Castings models including Acclaim, Defiant, Encore, Intrepid, Intrepid II, Resolute, and Vigilant, as well as Dauntless door seals for versatile use.
  • Fits Vermont Castings models: Acclaim, Defiant, Encore, Intrepid, Intrepid II, Resolute, and Vigilant.
  • Also fits Dauntless door seals

This original part is an essential component for maintaining the efficiency and safety of your wood stove. The kit includes a 52-inch, 3/16-inch Glass Fiber Gasket with a durable wire mesh overbraid and a tube of high-quality gasket cement, ensuring a secure seal and easy installation.

Product Description

Vermont Castings stoves are a testament to fine craftsmanship and sustainable heating. Central to their design is the high-quality, steel-reinforced gasket that ensures a tight seal between the griddle and the stove top. Over time, this seal can wear down, leading to inefficiencies and safety concerns. Regular replacement with an original Vermont Castings part is not just maintenance; it's a commitment to the stove's enduring performance and your peace of mind.

What's Included:

  • Extended Length Gasket: Receive 4 feet of 5/16" Black Graphite Fiberglass Gasket, ample length for complete coverage and potential future repairs.
  • Reinforced for Durability: The gasket is armored with a Metal Mesh, fortifying it against the rigors of high heat and frequent use.
  • High-Quality Cement: A 2oz bottle of specially formulated gasket adhesive accompanies the kit, ensuring a strong bond and easy application.

Fits the Following Vermont Castings Wood Stove Models: Versatile Application: Designed to fit seamlessly with the Acclaim, Defiant, Encore, Intrepid I, II, Resolute, and Vigilant models.

Dauntless Door Seals: Also compatible with Dauntless models, this kit is a versatile solution for a range of wood stove maintenance needs.