(84118204000) ODS Pilot Assembly, Natural Gas (NG) for Hearthstone, Majestic & Vermont Castings

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84118204000 ODS Pilot Assembly, Natural Gas (NG) for Hearthstone, Majestic & Vermont Castings

OEM replacement ODS millivolt pilot assembly, natural gas (NG), 3/16" Male with fitting, Metric Thread Thermocouple.  Fits the following vent-free models:

Hearthstone Gas Stoves:

  • Tucson 8740 VF
  • Tuscson 8745
  • Replaces #7211-324

Majestic Gas Stoves:

  • UVS 33
  • Replaces Majestic and Vermont Castings part #55464

Vermont Castings Gas Stoves:

  • Dutchwest 2475
  • Dutchwest 2476
  • Stardance SDV30
  • Sundance SD30NV
  • Radiance 0003380
  • Radiance 0003381
  • UVL Series
  • UVS27M

Pyromaster Gas Vent-Free Heater

  • FSHUV30


  • Replaces Majestic and Vermont Castings part #55464
  • OEM part
  • Enhanced Safety: The copreci ODS system ensures maximum safety by automatically shutting off the gas supply in case of pilot flame failure.
  • Precision Control: The SIT Millivolt Gas Valve allows for precise and consistent adjustment of the flame height, providing optimal heating performance.
  • Reliable Ignition: With the incorporation of a metric thermocouple, you can trust that your gas appliance will ignite reliably every time.
  • Longevity: Built to last, this pilot assembly is constructed with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity for years to come.


Pilot assembly for Vent Free Buck Stove, Majestic and Vermont Castings vent free gas fireplace. Part is for natural gas and marked NG 8204 on bottom of the pilot assembly

Buck part number is PE8204C NAT

Also used on vent free Majestic Dutchwest and Vermont Castings products under part number 55464

this is also a replacement for part number 1601929 used on some Vermont Castings Vent Free Stoves

84118204000 Pilot ODS Assembly is the NG8204 Pilot used by several manufactures under different part numbers including Vermont Castings, Majestic, Dutchwest, Buck Stove, Monesson and others.

SIT Controls NG8204 OEM Pilot ODS with Thermopile.
Buck Stove Part Number PE8204C Pilot
Majestic Part Number 55464 Pilot ODS Assembly with Thermopile
Vermont Castings Part Number 73020 Pilot
Pyromaster Gas Vent Free Fireplace FSHUV30 Pilot ODS