Thermodisc Switch 90 degree F (recessed) Limit Control (TDF95-10F)

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4T095 95* Fahrenheit Recessed, Thermo-disc for multiple makes and models of woodstoves. Fits the following brands of woodstoves:

  • Appalachian
  • Blaze King
  • Carolina
  • Country Flame
  • Craft
  • Dove
  • Hawke
  • King
  • Lilly
  • Apache
  • Squire

Product Details:

4T095 is a 95 degree, recessed mount thermo-disc. It is wired between your switch and the blower motor (onto the stove). It will allow power to go through once the stove heats up to 95 degrees and will cut power once your stove drops below that temperature, in order to not blow cold air from your stove.

This is a generic part that is used on many stoves. We also have a flush mount thermo-disc available.

Stove fan control

Temperature Range: Close - 95° F

Open - 95° F

Close on Rise

Therm-O-Disc Part Number 313307 / T-O-D60T12-0647