Ashley (Martin) AF124, AFS, CC60, CKW, Sahara Catalytic Combustor (CC-160)

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Ashley (see Martin)
AF124, AFS, CC60, CKW, Sahara
CC-160 (ceramic) $192 7" long x 2" wide x 2" thick 16 Cells Wrapped in stainless steel Set of 2

Product Details:

This is a replacement Catalytic Combustor with a metal band. It is 1.875" wide x 6.875" long x 2" tall, true size with metal band is 2" wide x 7" long x 2" tall. 25 cells per square inch. These come with a 5 year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty.

This is for the set of 2

You may also need the Interim Gasket for the Catalystย SOLD SEPARATELY.

Replacing your old combustor will help you improve your stove's efficiency, saving you money and producing less pollution.

These fit some of the following stoves: Ashley, Atlanta, Aspen, Buck, Craft, Hutch, King, Kingsman, Martin, Vestal, Warm Morning, and more.