Atmosfire Dry Wiper

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The Atmosfire Dry Wiper for fireplace viewing windows, recommended by glass ceramics manufactures.  Cleans without application time, without pulling, without rinsing and without scratching the glass.  

Made specifically for Ceramic glass window panes in woodstoves and fireplaces. 

About this item

Atmosfire Dry Wiper for fireplace windows cleans without using any chemicals, rinsing or scratching the glass. Relax in front of the fireplace and watch the glowing flames clearly through beautifully clean glass.

  • As the active side is less abrasive than the fireplace glass, scratches during the cleaning of the window are avoided and, with the ergonomically shaped holding side, you will have no problems getting into the corners.
  • Using the Dry Wiper also means that – unlike liquid cleaners – no chemicals can get into the seal of the fireplace door and damage it. Just as there is no wiping with water there is also no application time, meaning the cleaning process is significantly shortened.

    • Non-scratch
    • Environmentally Responsible
    • Cleans without using any chemicals.
    • Non-scratch.
    • No need to rinse during cleaning.
    • Ergonomically shaped.
    • Made in Germany


  • How to Use

    1. Clean the cold window with the Dry Wiper before or after each use of the fireplace.
    2. Wear household gloves, wear protection against any dust produced during cleaning and make sure the area is well-ventilated during cleaning.
    3. Only use the Dry Wiper dry – do not moisten!
    4. Clean a cold fireplace window with the Dry Wiper before or after lighting every fire.
    5. To do this, rub the grey active side of the Dry Wiper over the cold dirty window.
    6. After Cleaning, beat the Dry Wiper and return to packaging. All done!

    Note: Do not use the Atmosfire Dry Wiper in combination with water or liquid detergents!